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Cubiertas para piscina LightCover

Being one of our specialties, we continue to make covers of large dimensions, with customized solutions in each case, including the calculation of the structure according to the building technical code, collaborating in different items such as air conditioning and water heating, from the project phase to the executive direction of the work itself, advising at all times the different materials used taking advantage of the energy savings they produce in each case.

We make the structure in different materials to adapt to tight budgets taking into account the quality of our materials.


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We make our structures in different materials, from hot galvanized steel, leaving the structure to screw, up to structural quality aluminum with range of profile with different inertias according to measures to cover, always offering different colors according to project, and previously designing in 3D simulations all the details together with the calculation of the structure’s efforts.



Adapted according to project, we have the widest range of solutions for pool covers for large dimensions, covering all market widths to Olympic pools of 50×25 meters. including connection with changing rooms if needed, with the possibility of it being telescopic as well.



Custom solutions for pool covers.

We adapt to any architectural design that has been previously raised, we calculate the structure and we provide all the data to make the pool cover with full guarantee, with different solutions and with the joint development of our technical office.


The highest quality enclosure materials!

We adapt to different solutions, taking into account the greatest energy savings. From double-chamber glazing to structural polycarbonate up to 32 mm., The most insulating solutions, including the wood guide lining for the most aesthetic solutions, taking into account the use in case of public pools or town halls.

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Other Options

If this is not the type of pool cover that fits you best, here are other options.


The safeties and the most economical enclosure for your pool


We calculate, desing and manufacture with full guarantee


Create your own atmosphere with our best seller


We adapt and adjust to your design according to your needs


Elegant and robust, alows you to use the whole space of the pool whenever you want


Open and close any surface at your own disposal


We repair and maintenece any enclosure of the market


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Do not hesitate to contact us

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