The installation of a cover on your pool will be a considerable saving. Keeping it closed will increase the temperature of the enclosure, which translates into lower air conditioning costs. In addition, the physical protection that it supposes will allow you to save both water and chemical maintenance products.

For large swimming pools, you can use the facilities throughout the year, in this way organize swimming courses, and other recreational activities, which must be available throughout the year. The mobile pool cover will allow the entire swimming pool area to be used safely in winter and the thermal break bridge, together with the large thermal capacity of the polycarbonate, will help to lower the energy consumption of the installation, in order to compare a mobile roof. pool with a traditional cover, not only is the fact that in summer you can discover the pool, but also that the materials used in the aluminum covers generate a lot of energy gain, heating the enclosure naturally by greenhouse effect and this translates directly on electricity, gas and water bills.

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